Monday, March 26, 2012

I heart Flonase......

So sick, been sick, worked sick for 3 whole 12 hour shifts at the hospital. But today was my breaking point. I went to the dreaded doctor. I put my big girl panties on and got a shot and oral antibiotics and Flonase. Never have I used this stuff all the times I've been attacked by allergies no one has prescribed this stuff. And now I can breathe!!!! I can't be coughing and sleeping thru the hunger games tomorrow. I mean come on I think I'm the only one on the planet who hasn't seen it. I gobbled the books up in like a week. I AM ADDICTED! I mean check Out my new bracelet from the Forks Forest on Etsy(o and it actually came from forks btw) So here I am on the couch praying I'm better for tomorrow. Hope everyone is well. And don't forget may the odds be ever in your favor

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The McClendon Mini Farm

Henny Penny as I call her! Kung fu Panda as Annalea calls her!

Annalea turns 3!!!!!

Last Sunday the most spirited member of our family turned 3! Annalea and I spent countless hours on the computer looking at party ideas trying to decide on what we wanted to do. At first it was a Lalaloopsy party she wanted,because here at our house we are obsessed with Angry Birds and Lala's as of present, lol. But that quickly fell thru the cracks when momma might have changed little Annalea's  mind with fabulous mermaid party pics and ideas lol.Hey I knew that I would be putting in all the work for this party and the pictures on Pinterest were just calling my name. So everyone gathered at Mom and Dads house Sunday for cakes and fishy snacks. We are just thankful to be able to have it there because almost a year ago they lost all in Alabama's April Tornadoes.(In April I hope to do a tribute post on that day) So here are the pictures of the chaos and fun. Hope you enjoy!

Me and the sweet (sometimes,lol) birthday girl

Gotta love her! And I love the shirt one of the moms from Treys preschool did it for me.

My bell pepper sea monster. Gotta love Pinterest!

Guppye Pizza

The delish cream cheese cake

Nana and Annalea

The 3 cuz'. Trey, Sadie,and Annalea

now this picture is spot on (notice the scenery in the background is still tornado ravished)

Cutie Trey, whom was tremendously upset at the no presents for him situation

Picture per Trey

Trey snapped this pic and I love it! I may have a future little photog on my hands

Me and the hubs. Had to document this pic because they are so far and few between I get him to take one with me

Hope you got some fabulous ideas. I worked super long and hard on this party. Hope to do the same for Treys this summer. We are thinking camp out but here in the south summers can be about unbearable. But pool party's work out well. Thanks for stopping by. God bless yall!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ok long,long,long time no see. Between the crazy holidays and work and just life in general I have not been able to post anything. Not that it matters to much I don't think anyone missed me lol. But spring is coming and I'm planning a fab birthday for my little girl Annalea, or Lele as she is notoriously known. So I am determined more than ever to commit to documenting this next year 2012 to its fullest. If I can pull myself from pinterest lol. That is the first step in addiction, admittance lol. Well here is to a wonderful new year and a sneak peak of Lele's birthday invites. Hope you follow along!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Getting Spooky In My Neck Of The Woods

Ok, so I've been talking about it for awhile but here it is finally my Halloween decorations! They are nothing special but my family and I love them. I think they will work out perfect for the party were having for the kids. Halloween is absolutely one of my favorite holidays. My mom and dad went above and beyond to make it special for us. I have such fabulous memories. My favorite was always the cartoon specials. We never missed It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or, I don't know if yall remember this one, but there was a Garfield cartoon special that resonates thru my childhood. I can still here Garfield(and my Dad) say "Candy,Candy,Candy". Hope you have special memories of Halloween. I really wish Ya'll would leave some comments and let me know what your fav childhood memory of Halloween is.

My bookcase.

Love this sign, found it at the dollar tree and knew it would be perfect.Along with my little ghosty friend.

I also love,love,love the labels I found at Dollar General. They are soda bottle labels, but they worked out perfectly for my apothecary bottles.

More labels. The poison bottle I found amongst mom and dads tornado wreckage and I just mod podged the label on.

Didn't we all just love those dollar tree funkins this year!

My kitchen window!

And now for my fav, my front porch!

Lol I just noticed Annaleas cell phone on the trunk! 

My ghost gourd.

My spooky, sparkly wreath. The color is screwed up, its supposed to be purple

Be looking out for my next post. All I'm gonna say is Mod Podge and scrap book paper. Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to leave me a comment, I want to know what your favorite memory is from Halloween! Oh, and Im linking up this week at...