Monday, May 23, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

So still no followers or comments yet. Boo! But this is still new to me. I'm looking for any ideas on a countdown calender for my kiddos. June the 16th we head to Gulf Shore,AL for my brothers wedding. My kids are super excited, specially since the have really never been. We took Trey when he was 18 months but since then we just haven't had the extra funds or the time. So if anyone happens to stumble upon my little project of a blog here, please leave me an idea for an advent calender to countdown the days. Its a little less than a month now and I would like to have it done around the 2 week mark. I think that is enough time for the little ones so they don't go crazy. So come on guys give me some ideas! Much love from Bama!

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