Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Getting Spooky In My Neck Of The Woods

Ok, so I've been talking about it for awhile but here it is finally my Halloween decorations! They are nothing special but my family and I love them. I think they will work out perfect for the party were having for the kids. Halloween is absolutely one of my favorite holidays. My mom and dad went above and beyond to make it special for us. I have such fabulous memories. My favorite was always the cartoon specials. We never missed It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or, I don't know if yall remember this one, but there was a Garfield cartoon special that resonates thru my childhood. I can still here Garfield(and my Dad) say "Candy,Candy,Candy". Hope you have special memories of Halloween. I really wish Ya'll would leave some comments and let me know what your fav childhood memory of Halloween is.

My bookcase.

Love this sign, found it at the dollar tree and knew it would be perfect.Along with my little ghosty friend.

I also love,love,love the labels I found at Dollar General. They are soda bottle labels, but they worked out perfectly for my apothecary bottles.

More labels. The poison bottle I found amongst mom and dads tornado wreckage and I just mod podged the label on.

Didn't we all just love those dollar tree funkins this year!

My kitchen window!

And now for my fav, my front porch!

Lol I just noticed Annaleas cell phone on the trunk! 

My ghost gourd.

My spooky, sparkly wreath. The color is screwed up, its supposed to be purple

Be looking out for my next post. All I'm gonna say is Mod Podge and scrap book paper. Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to leave me a comment, I want to know what your favorite memory is from Halloween! Oh, and Im linking up this week at...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Last Friday I took the kids to the local pumpkin patch. It was awesome the kids got to pick out their own pumpkins, they went to their little petting zoo of farm animals, and of course played forever in the shelled corn pit!  You can visit for prices and hours of operation. Hope you enjoy the pics!

My Mommy and the Kiddos!

 MR.Trey telling me all about the tractor pulling us.

Annalea and that one eyed grin! What am I gonna do with her!

My mom caught this candid pic and I am in looove with it!

The combine harvester Trey just about passed out over!

Look at his smile!

Annalea telling the goats she "wobed dem so much" lol.

 Seriously, what am I gonna do with that Smile, lol.

On the "cow train".

Ahh, the corn!! It was everywhere, even in their underwear lol.

I thought this was an awesome thing we could do every year!

I told you the corn got everywhere, lol.

My little piggy, who was actually growling lol!

Hope you enjoyed the pics! We sure enjoyed our time there! Hey leave me some comments about your family's trip to the pumpkin patch! And some links so I can check your pics out! As always have a blessed day, and thanks for visiting The Polka Dot Belle!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall in my neck of the woods...

 Fall...My absolute favorite time of the year. Crisp autumn air, falling leaves, pumpkins.Now if we actually had a true autumn in the south. Its been like in the 80's and 90's for the past two months. This weekend is supposed to be better with chilly 70 degree weather :)(hey we will take what we can get around here) I think it will be the perfect time for a trip to the local pumpkin patch. Def will post pics of my little pumpkins, in the meantime here is just a little bit of what I've been up to. I loved all of the painted burlap on pinterest so I thought I would try my hand at it. I think it turned out absolutely fabulous! Plus those in the local north Alabama area, come and check out my booth at Southern Skye Kids Consignment in Henagar, AL. Lots of great deals on gently worn kids clothes!
 My booth super proud of it! Especially my Big AL bows. ROOOOLLL TIDE, baby!
And here is my little Bama fan Annalea. Totally styling in here crimson cowboy boots lol.(o and please ignore the porch this was before my fall transformation. Hopefully I will get time between these 12 hour shifts to post an autumn/Halloween home tour).

Hope y'all have a great hump day! Much love from Bama!

Oh and I have to send a special thanks to Jamie from She had an awesome giveaway and I won some ball canning coupons. Super excited! Pumpkin butter here I come! l

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ok in my best Scarlet voice "I swear one day I will figure this blogging out......

Ok so long time no post, right. Well life has been crazy round here. Getting started on fall cloches and ribbon art hairbows has been exhausting not to mention Mom and Dad rebuilding their house from Aprils tornadoes. So I was thinking what on earth will I post now but the ladies over at  have got my blood pumping for halloween crafting so as I decorate and craft I will post my little heart out (or attempt to). And for a great give away this week head over to where those ladies are giving away a chance to win some awesome decorations from Go on over and check it out if you haven't before. You will love it!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

So still no followers or comments yet. Boo! But this is still new to me. I'm looking for any ideas on a countdown calender for my kiddos. June the 16th we head to Gulf Shore,AL for my brothers wedding. My kids are super excited, specially since the have really never been. We took Trey when he was 18 months but since then we just haven't had the extra funds or the time. So if anyone happens to stumble upon my little project of a blog here, please leave me an idea for an advent calender to countdown the days. Its a little less than a month now and I would like to have it done around the 2 week mark. I think that is enough time for the little ones so they don't go crazy. So come on guys give me some ideas! Much love from Bama!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just a little tour of my latest crafts

Ok so im not a photographer and my camera kinda sucks but here we go. This was a bland standard gold lamp with a brown shade from Kirklands. It blended into my wall and was lost. So I took one of Annaleas (my 2 year old) outfits I couldn't bare to get rid and turned the shade into this fun, funky little shade. Plus I heart owls right now!

And this little jewel is my favorite print! I bought the frame at a local antique/junk store and spruced it up a bit with some bright red paint. But i just noticed that the print is slipping. I told u this is my first go at this lol.

Oh and I had to add my one dollar picture find. I wish my pic was clearer because it dosent do this picture justice. Its vintage, funky and fun. And Trey (my 4 year old) loves it! And I have to give props to the hubs who made the rough wood monogram M for me!

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Why in the world did I decide to do this!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Polka Dot Belle! I have loved and followed many blogs over the last 6 months or so that have renewed my passion for crafting. Oh I have crafted for years (ever since i could work a glue gun,lol) but after marriage,work and two kids I kinda got lost. I was so consumed with the everyday that I lost the beauty in the everyday. I know there are moms out there who feel my pain. So one day i saw a picture frame with rosettes on it and that was it I had to make that. So i dusted off my trusty glue gun and got to work. One hour later (and some first degree burns) it was done, and I was in love! Now my house is filled with polka dots, pinwheels, rosettes and COLOR something I had forgotten about. But lets get to the meat of this, why did I decide to write this blog. Well after a little searching I noticed that there were no blogs from moms in my rural area. And after the terrible April tornado that took my community and the home I grew up in, I decide I was going to journal mine and my familys life. And what better way to do that than share it with other moms who felt the same way I did. So please if anyone decides to read this, bare with me this is a learning experience. Maybe I will figure this blogging thing out between work, naps, and bedtime lol. Thanks for stopping by (if anyone does) and Ill post my fun projects piece by piece!