Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just a little tour of my latest crafts

Ok so im not a photographer and my camera kinda sucks but here we go. This was a bland standard gold lamp with a brown shade from Kirklands. It blended into my wall and was lost. So I took one of Annaleas (my 2 year old) outfits I couldn't bare to get rid and turned the shade into this fun, funky little shade. Plus I heart owls right now!

And this little jewel is my favorite print! I bought the frame at a local antique/junk store and spruced it up a bit with some bright red paint. But i just noticed that the print is slipping. I told u this is my first go at this lol.

Oh and I had to add my one dollar picture find. I wish my pic was clearer because it dosent do this picture justice. Its vintage, funky and fun. And Trey (my 4 year old) loves it! And I have to give props to the hubs who made the rough wood monogram M for me!

Im Linking up with my fav blog I Heart Naptime for her sundae scoop link party!

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